Lead Generation Proposal

Hi {firstname},

I’m Erwin, the owner of Roofer Winner. Thanks for taking the time to read this proposal.

This proposal document is designed to…

  1. State our main objective
  2. Show the results that we’ve gotten so far
  3. Detail the mechanics of our lead generation partnership
  4. Explain our pricing
  5. Discuss other things and how to get started
Let’s get into it…

Erwin Caniba
19 July 2021

1. The Objective

Erwin and Roofer Winner’s objective in this project is to generate metal roofing leads for {firstname} and {companyname}.

2. Our Results So Far

In the period from {date} to {date}, we generated xx calls and x form fills for metal roofing in {city} and surrounding areas.

  • x of them were bona fide leads.
  • x were phone calls and x were form fills.
  • They all contacted on a weekday from x AM to x PM.
  • x of them were in city1; 1 in city2; 1 in city3; 1 in city4; and 1 in city5.
  • Out of the 4 phone calls, 3 were for installation/replacement and 1 was for repair; 3 were residential and 1 was commercial.
  • 1 was also interested in asphalt roofing. 1 was also interested in flat roofing.
  • These phone calls lasted from 4 to 7 minutes.
Note: I’ll include 3 call recordings of these qualified leads in the Onboarding document. I’ll also include a script on how to qualify the callers when you’re already receiving them.

3. The Mechanics

  • A phone call will be considered a lead if the call lasts 60 seconds or longer. Any calls received that do not meet this minimum threshold will not be counted.
  • Each phone call will be recorded including its date, time of day, and duration so that both parties can accurately monitor them.
  • There will be a whisper message before each call so you know that the caller is from us.
  • A form fill will be considered a lead if submitted by residents, homeowners, or business owners in City1 and surrounding areas (the service area); they’re looking for metal roofing (installation, replacement, repair, etc); and that they’re not from other marketing companies.
  • Note: These phone calls and form fills will ALWAYS be about metal roofing. That is where it will always start. In the course of your conversations, some of them may say that they are also interested in other types of roofing like asphalt roofing, flat roofing, etc.
  •  Erwin and Roofer Winner will have the exclusive authority to determine the means and methods by which the leads are generated.
  • These leads will be EXCLUSIVE to you. The calls will be directed to your phone and nowhere else. The form fills will be sent to your email inbox and nowhere else. (Of course, this is aside from my call and form forwarding software.)
  • Probationary period: The term shall begin on the day Erwin receives initial payment from Jim and shall continue 30 days thereafter, unless terminated earlier. After which, the term may be extended by mutual agreement between the parties. The parties may also re-negotiate, if need be.
  • Erwin will send invoice every Monday via Paypal for the leads generated in the week prior. It will include a detailed report outlining all the calls and form fills.

4. Pricing

  • For metal roofing leads, HomeAdvisor and similar companies charge anywhere from $30 (for repair work) to $170 (for installation/replacement work). These leads are NON-EXCLUSIVE. They share these leads to 3-5 other contractors.
  • In contrast, my flat pricing for each lead is ONLY $100. And they are EXCLUSIVE to you.
  • This flat pricing applies whether it’s for installation, repair, or replacement and whether it’s for residential or commercial properties.
  • I included repair in my price computation because many of these repair requests need replacement work instead. Regardless, $100 can still be considered cheap for an exclusive lead for roof repair.

5. Other Things & How to Get Started

  • This is just the start. The number of leads will increase in the weeks to come.
  •  As a sign of your agreement to these terms/proposal and also of your commitment, I’d like to ask $100 from you. This is for the 1st lead that will come, the setup, the qualifying script, and the 3 call recordings mentioned above in Section #2 (“Our Results So Far”).
  • This means that I won’t charge you anymore for the 1st lead that is to come.
  • The setup includes all the systems involved in directing all the calls and form fills to you.
  • The qualifying script includes the questions to ask the callers so you could qualify them within 60 seconds.
  • I’d also like you to commit to answer these calls (at the times we will agree on) and not leave them to voicemail.
  • A caveat about the 3 call recordings: They have already been shared to other contractors. But you may still use these recordings – either by calling back the leads yourself and trying to close them; or listening to how the leads were qualified.
  • Refund guarantee: If I don’t generate even a lead for you within 30 days, which is HIGHLY unlikely, then I will refund you this $100 payment. Again, this is just for me to know your agreement and commitment to this proposal.